Anonymous said: Just curious, not trying to insult you or tell you to stop with this. Why do you often use ultra-specific tags for posts? It's not like anything outside the first 5 tags shows up in the tags.

# Twilight Zone Theme starts to play #

Because my tags have hidden messages to lure people into my command.

Anonymous said: What is the 80% going to if we donate? Is it going to the maintenance of this blog? I don't understand why every blogger has to have a donate button on their blog

As I previously said, 20% of donations will be destined to charity (AIDS-related, homeless shelters, and helping poor schools with better books). All will be documented and the evidence of actual donation posted on the Questions blog.

I had this Donation button for the longest time and have received some donations which I used to maintain the blog up to that point. I guess some bloggers have the option to let open the possibility for people to contribute, if they want to. :)