I have contacted Buzz Feed and they promptly gave credit to all the posts taken from this blog. I thought that was worth mentioning. Props to them.

BuzzFeed loves to take images from this blog and not give any credit.

I counted 16 of my posts on this entry alone: http://www.buzzfeed.com/kmallikarjuna/signs-youre-the-lisa-simpson-of-your-family

Following is a list of all the images they took from here in order of their appearance of BuzzFeed’s post:

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Anonymous said: Just curious, not trying to insult you or tell you to stop with this. Why do you often use ultra-specific tags for posts? It's not like anything outside the first 5 tags shows up in the tags.

# Twilight Zone Theme starts to play #

Because my tags have hidden messages to lure people into my command.