Anonymous said: What is the 80% going to if we donate? Is it going to the maintenance of this blog? I don't understand why every blogger has to have a donate button on their blog

As I previously said, 20% of donations will be destined to charity (AIDS-related, homeless shelters, and helping poor schools with better books). All will be documented and the evidence of actual donation posted on the Questions blog. I guess some bloggers have the option to let open the possibility for people to contribute, if they want to. :)

If you like the content of the blog and wish to contribute with it, feel free to click the Donate button that’s on the main page. 20% of donations are destined to charity.

Some of those “Nerdfighters” are crazy. I posted a comment on a Crash Course video saying the information they give (specially in the Psychology one) isn’t always correct, and now I’m being insulted with every name under the sun. Damn.

If you’re not Brazilian, you cannot fathom the uproar of reactions this game has caused. Celebrities are outraged, people are crying, depressed. I think it’s all very interesting from a sociological point of view. Don’t get me wrong, I had no preference towards the result, and as a matter of fact (since I don’t care for this kind of sport), I wasn’t aware today was to be held such an important match, or even that the World Cup was ending. However, I do think it’s sad that people CARE so much about this. They cry and get sad while the players go to their mansions in their private jets or ferraris.