chrismolyneaux asked: What do you think was the "jumping the shark" moment for the Simpsons?

When Homer helped Mel Gibson to fix a movie. I mean what the hell?

mexicancarcassi asked: Do you ingnore the Family Guy- Simpsons rivalry? Do you enjoy Family Guy

I dislike Family Guy. It’s a show that doesn’t pleases me at all.

caghain asked: Ugh, just heard about the Simpsons/Family Guy crossover episode. This fills me with grit and bile. What are your predictions?

My reaction to this was: ugh!

Anonymous asked: You've once said the 1st season probably scared people who have not been in contact with the show before. Why do you think so? In my opinion the 1st season is the best. In it all the characters were like they are supposed to be and it's devastatingly emotion-laden. I just want to understand your opinion. :) I do not want to be affecting you in an unfriendly manner neither I want to oppress my opinion on others nor making them believe their opinion were false. P.S. Your blog is brilliant. 大好きな〜

Because the drawings were cruder and the in between poses were a little bizarre. Also, their mouths opened wider, making them look a bit animal-like or brutish, if you will. Season 2 came with some improvements, but it wasn’t until season 4 they began to look more polished.

I can’t agree that the first season of any show could be the best because it’s not actually how they’re supposed to be, they’re just testing and experimenting. First seasons are usually a handful of pilots, in my opinion. But I respect your point of view. I do like the first season because (as far as I can remember), we got more variety on the episodes, like each one focus on an specific character, and that’s very nice, something they’ve lost on the second season which is basically half of it involves Bart’s misadventures.

Your message was very nice and thorough. Thank you for writing.

I was very surprised to discover that Tumblr has removed some of my posts for “violating one or more of Tumblr’s Community Guidelines”. What on earth about Simpsons screenshots could do that?

Well, I added a disclaimer on the description of the site because some of you pointed out that it could be Copyright Infringement. But Tumblr is based on fair use, and if they wanna remove everything that has copyrights on it, they might as well close the entire site.

Just out of curiosity: one of the posts they have taken down was from an episode when Bart makes fun of Paris Hilton. Here’s the image that someone took from here an posted on a British website after putting a reaction to it:

The other one was from Lisa’s doll saying “Don’t ask me, I’m just a girl.”