Would you like to send me candy from your part of the world? If so, send me a message and I'll give you my address. PS: letters and postals would be great as well. I'll give a shoutout to everybody

Anonymous asked: It's so obvious that YOU "ask" yourself so many things. Like about your personal tumblr, or praising this blog about shit literally no one acknowledges so you feel the need to throw it out there again. This is sad.

I’ve posted the link of my personal tumblr countless times without anybody asking for it. What makes you think I have the need to wait for a question, or furthermore, ask myself one?

Sad is hiding yourself behind a anon facade to send hate mail to people. GET A LIFE!

Anonymous asked: What is your personal,tumblr?


hvrrx asked: what are some of your other favorite "golden-era" episodes or those deeper episodes?

1) Homer, the Heretic
2) Last Exit to Springfield
3) A Streetcar Named Marge
4) Lisa, the Iconoclast
5) Mr. Plow

Anonymous asked: I heard you've never had a twizzler and that makes me quite fucking upset bc those things are the shit. I wanna send a whole damn box of those candies to you *sigh*

Send me, send me, send me \o/

betweentimidandtimbuktu asked: Can't find your reasons for disliking the Poochie episode. I'd be interested to read them. Not that it's one of my particular favorites, but certainly there are golden-era episodes more deserving of the moniker. "Fear of Flying" comes to mind...


Fear of Flying has its charm.

Anonymous asked: You are such a lovely person for posting these wonderful sequences. I'm really liking you posting mostly the more philosophically meant sequences. This show meant and still means so much to me. I grew up with it and it has always has been in my life. Now that I found this gorgeous source of Simpsons-themed entries I couldn't be happier. You seem to be such a great personality (judged upon your answers here) too. What a great way to start a new day, isn't it?

Wow, this is so nice. Thank you so much for all your kind words. People often mention that my blog focus on emotional and philosophical questions of the show, but it wasn’t planned. I guess that’s what catches my eyes the most: human behaviour. I’m really happy with your message :)