caghain asked: What's your favourite musical number from the Simpsons? I would be stuck between the song Apu sings when he gets fired, the entire Streetcar Named Desire number, and Homer's song about food when he becomes a food critic.

I love “Oh, Streetcar!”, the whole medley is just perfect. But I also love Flaming Moe’s, Ode to Branson, the song Lisa sings when the workers of the plant are on strike, Tito Puentes singing for Mr. Burns, that little song about amendments, oh, so many!!

Anonymous asked: wait wait wait, you hate the pochie episode? That episode was nothing compared to "The Principal and the Pauper" episode. You know the episode where it reveals Principal Skinner wasn't Principal Skinner and all that bullshit

I like that episode. It has a deep emotional significance because we see basically everybody in Springfield missing the “old” Skinner, which is a character that essentially nobody likes there. Even Agnes shows him love. I disregard the whole identity shift plot and enjoy the episode very much.

danandthetardis asked: Is there an episode of the Simpsons you just can't stand at all? If so, why? (Just curious is all) :)

The Poochie episode, for reasons I stated sometime ago.

scentlessxapprentice asked: but if you could remove one character from the show who would it be?

I really don’t care at all for Otto.

Anonymous asked: r u still learning japanese? why do u wanna learn it? hows it going?

No, it was hard to learn by myself, but I love it…maybe sometime in the future.