Anonymous said: Glad to see you put an ad up! Your blog is great - might as well get some cash!:) Also - I see you're from Brazil - you may have already commented on this, but what did you think of the Brazil episode?

Oh, I’ll be in my cold, cold grave before I can amount to a sum I can withdraw from that. Actually not a grave, but a freezer, since I donated my body to the anatomy department of a medical school.

Anyway, people here got really pissed because of it, I think FOX only aired once or twice. I thought the episode was good, not very true to some extent (you can’t go from Rio to the Amazon in a matter of minutes, they’re not at all close), but Rio does have a serious problem with taxis (I was robbed by an unlicensed taxi in july there), I’ve only been to one slum and it didn’t had any rats at all, the kids TV shows don’t have half-naked women on them, they’re presented by children or teens. As for the spanish accent, that was really bad and inaccurate, uh… there’s no conga lines at all, macarena is not from here, not everybody likes soccer. I didn’t took personally, The Simpsons are know to be very crude to other nations and with America itself, so…

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  1. cl0uds- said: agreed!
  2. im-something-from-nothing said: exactly, should never take simpsons offensively! im english and the episode where they go to england is obviously not accurate, but its funny!!
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