herpesprincess-deactivated20110 said: seu tumblr precisava de um selo 'sou foda' de qualidade

LOL…eu gostei disso :D

sudafedpizzahut said: I am curious as to why you don't care for The Simpsons Movie. While it certainly wasn't perfect, I thought it was miles better than most of the episodes from, say seasons 18 and 19. All I know of your opinion is that you said the jokes didn't fit together, which I guess I don't understand. For starters, a big part of The Simpsons is that it can kind of go anywhere, jumping around satirzing and referencing different things while also having its own story that works. I think that is what makes those early seasons so successful--the sense of unity that one episode has. The show would go for a laugh, but it would make sense in the context of the episode. A big part of what impressed me about the movie was that it felt like a return to that. Several previous seasons showed examples of episodes that were terribly unbalanced. In the film, nearly everything serves the story. A joke is funny when we first see it, and then reveals itself later to be a crucial part of the narrative. I think that the decision to not use many celebrity guest stars was a wise one, as it could be more about the actual Simpson family. On top of all of this, I thought there was a wonderful amount of emotional depth in the film as well. The relationship between Bart and Flanders, for instance, is quite touching and believable. And I thought Marge's breakup video to Homer showed her at perhaps her deepest moment emotionally in the history of the series. No one has given Julie Kavner enough credit for her performance there. I was surprised because you strike me as a person who appreciates so much the depth of these characters. I also think your blog is quite good and respect your opinion. I'd like to hear what you think. Sorry for the long message but you asked for it!

Well, first of all, compared to the 19th season, ANYTHING is better. Even my cold, right now, it’s fucking delicious compared to the 19th season of the Simpsons. That thing was a disgrace for the show.

Second, a big part of the show’s success is that the jokes used to fit in the story, unlike, for example, Family Guy, which is random joke after random joke.

About the filme, yes, I didn’t like it, I thought the plot was terribly unimaginative. The whole idea of the Simpsons saving Springfield from destruction was just a scheme to get the movie done. On the first seasons of the series, and what made the show a success was the ability they had to put the characters in REAL situations, problems most of the people have. It was not just another cartoon, you could relate to the situations, you could laugh because it was true. An episode from some recent season shows Bart driving a car and getting married. Like, WHAT???

In the movie we have an unrealistic plot which shows Homer being stupid and then saving everybody. Like, seriously. And another thing, there’s far too many jokes on the movie. Its, like I said before, they made many different versions of the script and went putting all those wierd jokes everywhere because the plot was weak.

Yes, the moments between Flanders and Bart were touching, the breakup video was sad, but overall, it wasn’t a great movie. I think the movie came to late. For example, the South Park movie was really great because they were at the top of popularity when it came out. The Simpsons Movie, however, came with the difficult mission of rescue the show from years of bad quality seasons.

I hope I answered your question ;)

Anonymous said: are you a guy or a girl? how old are you? what's your zodiac sign? favorite simpsons character?

Guy, 23, taurus, Lisa.

Anonymous said: what is the episode where Marge raises and lowers the silicone wrong dress to save the homer and bart that are being eaten by an elephant?

Large Marge.

Anonymous said: i remember watching this episode which noone has seen when i ask them if they know it.as i watched it ages ago all i can remember is bart and i think homer go behind their couch i think and they are in this whole other world,everywhere is black with green lines everywhere and its kinda like 3D,the rest of the family join them but i cant remember anything else about the episode.i dont know if its real or a dream so if you could say you know what that episode is that would be great.otherwise i just have some very realistic dreams!oh and one more thing, whats the episode called when they get that cloning machine thing:')?

I - Treehouse of Horror VI

II - Treehouse of Horror XIII

Anonymous said: você é mesmo brasileiro ?

Não, na verdade é mentirinha rsrsrs… Claro que sou ^^

luui9mirel said: favorite cartoon other than simpsons>>?

Probably South Park and Daria.

que-eso said: When I was little, I would stare at something and point my hands towards it to see if it would move. I always wished I was telekinetic.

You and I, both.

Anonymous said: could you tag the pics with the episode name and season please?

Sorry, I can’t. I’ve done all the screenshots a while ago and they’re all mixed up, not even sorted by seasons in my files… so it would be a little difficult to do that :(

bomber2 said: can i borrow a feeling?

Not from me, I’m empty.

yeahbutillstilltakeyouhome said: poa?

Sou de POA, mas nao tô morando lá atualmente.

irpor-ondeflor said: onde você mora? (:


cooldudewithahat said: Am I the only one who wishes that Homer's half - brother Herb was still in the show?

I don’t know… Let’s see what the people in the dash says about that :)