vanillashiver-deactivated201402 said: follow back? x

Here’s an advice: you should never follow people expecting to be followed back. Follow people that you like and you’ll get ones who like your stuff in time. I do follow some hundreds of people (mainly my first followers) but I can’t possibly follow everyone back unless there was some kind of automatic following thingy. In my personal blog, I follow tons of people who don’t even know I exist and I’m totally cool with that because I like their blogs and that’s fine. I didn’t mean to be rude, and I hope I wasn’t… I just dislike this shallow culture of follow back either on tumblr or twitter.

clocksblood said: But you don't have any character that you don't like, I really hate sideshow Mel...

Why? He’s so funny. He talks in a very pompous manner, even though he wears nothing but a loincloth and a bone in his hair. He’s one of my favourites, actually.

Anonymous said: You've once said the 1st season probably scared people who have not been in contact with the show before. Why do you think so? In my opinion the 1st season is the best. In it all the characters were like they are supposed to be and it's devastatingly emotion-laden. I just want to understand your opinion. :) I do not want to be affecting you in an unfriendly manner neither I want to oppress my opinion on others nor making them believe their opinion were false. P.S. Your blog is brilliant. 大好きな〜

Because the drawings were cruder and the in between poses were a little bizarre. Also, their mouths opened wider, making them look a bit animal-like or brutish, if you will. Season 2 came with some improvements, but it wasn’t until season 4 they began to look more polished.

I can’t agree that the first season of any show could be the best because it’s not actually how they’re supposed to be, they’re just testing and experimenting. First seasons are usually a handful of pilots, in my opinion. But I respect your point of view. I do like the first season because (as far as I can remember), we got more variety on the episodes, like each one focus on an specific character, and that’s very nice, something they’ve lost on the second season which is basically half of it involves Bart’s misadventures.

Your message was very nice and thorough. Thank you for writing.

Anonymous said: Oh my god, if I were a person who just randomly came on your blog I would automatically assume you were American/British/ any other English speaking country, because your English is absolutely perfect! If anything your English is better than people who actually speak it. I also love your blog. xxx

This is so funny… some people give me a hard time because of my English here. I’m glad to hear that. Thank you.

gandalf-the-delicious said: Why does a simple Simpsons blog get so much hate? You make me laugh a lot of the time with your answers, you seem to be a very bright person, but your smartass answers are always the best. Keep it up.

Seriously, I have no idea. And most of the nasty messages I receive I don’t even answer. I guess it’s something that comes with the package. Tumblr has a lot of that behaviour, I noticed that. Well, the internet in general. Thanks a lot for this nice comment.

hvrrx said: what are some of your other favorite "golden-era" episodes or those deeper episodes?

1) Homer, the Heretic
2) Last Exit to Springfield
3) A Streetcar Named Marge
4) Lisa, the Iconoclast
5) Mr. Plow

caghain said: What's your favourite musical number from the Simpsons? I would be stuck between the song Apu sings when he gets fired, the entire Streetcar Named Desire number, and Homer's song about food when he becomes a food critic.

I love “Oh, Streetcar!”, the whole medley is just perfect. But I also love Flaming Moe’s, Ode to Branson, the song Lisa sings when the workers of the plant are on strike, Tito Puentes singing for Mr. Burns, that little song about amendments, oh, so many!!

Anonymous said: wait wait wait, you hate the pochie episode? That episode was nothing compared to "The Principal and the Pauper" episode. You know the episode where it reveals Principal Skinner wasn't Principal Skinner and all that bullshit

I like that episode. It has a deep emotional significance because we see basically everybody in Springfield missing the “old” Skinner, which is a character that essentially nobody likes there. Even Agnes shows him love. I disregard the whole identity shift plot and enjoy the episode very much.

scentlessxapprentice said: but if you could remove one character from the show who would it be?

I really don’t care at all for Otto.

Anonymous said: When do you think the Simpsons should of ended? What season?

I wouldn’t say that. The show has changed substantially over the years, but so have we. Sure, I like the first 7 seasons better than everything else that came after that, but that’s probably because it was the episodes I grew up with, and I used to watch them as a kid, so they have a “childhood” flavour to hem that I really enjoy and never get tired of. Eventually the show will end, but even after that, I’ll continue to watch it.

Anonymous said: I know Lisa is your favorite character, but what do you think about her in the more recent seasons (like season 17-24)? I love her in the earlier years but I feel like she has gotten kind of annoying recently. Thoughts?

Lisa, as well as the other characters, underwent a major personality change throughout the seasons. Homer, for instance, who was a sweet and caring father, almost completely lost those traits.

As for Lisa, the years helped the writers to develop her personality, but the problem with that is the fact that she remains an 8 year-old, and many of her actions are unbelievably unfit for her age. In fiction we have  a completely different universe, and because of that, we can’t analyze and expect too much realism, but even so, I think the writing staff of today is pushing the bar a little too far.

Anonymous said: you only seem to reblog the new, awful episodes of the simpsons :( still, nice work on the blog

I usually don’t reblog anything, 98% of the material of this tumblr was made and posted by me.

My blog has been known for its dedication to the earlier Simpsons episodes. I feel, however, that some jokes of recent ones are worthy of being shared, and I am doing so.

I just haven’t got the time or mind to search though my files and pick something good out of the earlier seasons, because every post that I make is thoroughly thought out.

It is not my policy to just post whatever comes up. I have proceeded this way in all of my blogs, and I credit the success I have in some of them, to that.

Thank you. 

Anonymous said: Do you take requests?

Like wearing a banana suit and dancing the Macarena for you? Depends on the payment. 

alterbeing said: this blog is insanely deep and clearly relevant to everyday life, looking at the individual vs. society - we're all intertwined together and create a sub-culture of 'simpsons life' - i'm a proud follower/member.


Anonymous said: i just wanna give you a hug

why? it’ll hurt me when you let me go.